iPhone 6 Mockup Features a 4.9 Inch Screen, Home Button Moved to the Side

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Antoine Brieux from NAK Studio imagined yet another iPhone concept, this time the iPhone 6 mockup. The main idea is moving the home button to the left side of the handset, so it will be used with the thumb. This way, by getting rid of the front Home button, there’s more room for the display, that in this case is a 4.9 inch unit.

The mockup of the iPhone 6 measures 125 x 63 mm (length, width) and I supposed that a 1080p resolution or something adequate for Retina standard is supported here. Antoine didn’t offer too many details about his creation, but you can clearly see the Home button below the volume buttons on the side. There’s also that pair of bigger speakers and smaller 19 pin dock connector at the bottom, all of them rumored specs for the iPhone 5. The sides of the phone are all metal and the back looks like it’s covered with a glass surface.

If I were to speculate, I’d say this was a quad core iPhone, with a 10 megapixel camera, iOS 6.0 or maybe 7.0, who knows? It depends if Antoine wants this model to be 2012 material or 2013. Logically speaking we’re at the sixth iPhone, so the name iPhone 6 would be adequate. However, Apple could go with “The New iPhone”, just like The New iPad for iPad 3.

[via NAK Studio Design]