iPhone 6 Becomes a Phablet in This Video

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Envisioned by Simone Evangelista and Ran Avni, the iPhone 6 suddenly turns into a phablet, able to rival the Galaxy Note and such models. This device is a 5.5 incher, one that keeps the basic lines of an iPhone, but enlarges every aspect of its body.

apple phablet concept 1

The device features very long volume buttons for some reasons and they are pill shaped like the iPad Mini’s. The body is also slightly reminiscent of an iPad Mini and it’s wider and more elongated than usual, plus it has very slim screen bezels. TouchID is still here, as well as the Home button and this iPhone 6 phablet seems to have a reasonable thickness, considering its actual size.

apple phablet concept 2

We even get a speculative launch time frame: September 2014, that doesn’t sound very far from the truth. It fascinates me that people believe Apple will launch a product with such a huge diagonal, since they’re more into timid updates. Don’t be surprised if the iPhone 6 ends up as a 4.3 inch or 4.5 inch handset in the end… it’s not time for a phablet yet!


[via ConceptsiPhone]

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