iPhone 6 Pro Rendered With Wireless Charging (Video)

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The iPhone 6 has been rendered a lot and I do mean A LOT lately, but today we come across an iPhone 6 Pro concept that wants to be more than just another render. This model has been imagined by Vishal Bhanushali and it features wireless charging and a special iView cover.

iphone 6 pro 4 concept

The iPhone concept is shown in bright red and its iView cover is able to display notifications even when closed, just like the HTC Dot View. We get a camera with dual LED flash at the back and the On/Off button has been mode to the side. The body is made of metal and the format is the usual rectangle with rounded corners. We also catch a glimpse of the wireless charging mechanism in the video below.

The iPhone 6 Pro is supposed to be very thin and it’s said to have a glass bezel. The only thing I don’t like about this iPhone design is the On/Off button on the side, that looks a bit flimsy and thin. From what I’ve heard this is the actual placement of the button on the iPhone 6, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see if that happens or not. This looks like quite a thin device, maybe somewhere around 6 mm in thickness.

iphone 6 pro 3

iphone 6 pro concept 2

iphone 6 pro concept 1

iphone 6 pro 5

[via behance and mygadgetic]

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