iPhone 6C Designed by Caelan Cooper, Features Bigger Screen

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The creator of the iPhone 6X concept from a few months ago is back, this time with an iPhone 6C render, that’s shown below in a detailed gallery. This iPhone 6C keeps the unibody design of the original iPhone 5C, but this time it has a bigger screen.

iPhone 6C 2014 concept 1

Screen bezels are also reduced and the new handset is described as “razor thin”. The iPhone 6C comes in the original 5 colors of the 5C model and it also includes space gray this time. The smartphone features a 4.8 inch screen is mathematically calculated to include exactly one more row and an extra column of apps.

iPhone 6C 2014 concept 4

This iPhone concept will have a color of the Home button and trim of the C area matching the color of the polycarbonate back side. The phone measures 7 mm in thickness this time and it’s the thinnest iPhone ever. As you can see from the pics, the handset has been made wider and a bit more rectangular, plus there’s an extra elegant vibe thanks to the reduced thickness.

[Thanks Caelan Cooper]

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