iPhone 7 Concept by Asaad Hussain Features Curved AMOLED Screen

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I know there’s been an avalanche of iPhone 7 concepts lately and Apple concepts in general, but today we have one that kind of breaks the norm. This device packs a 5.5 inch AMOLED screen and it’s rendered by designer Asaad Hussain.

iPhone 7 concept Asaad Hussain AMOLED

This iPhone 7 concept relies on a 5.5 inch AMOLED screen, that curves around the iPhone’s 3D glass edges on the left and right. In spite of the diagonal size, the body get the same dimensions as the iPhone 6S, apparently. We get a software Home button, with Touch ID fingerprint scanner integrated behind the touchscreen. We also get a dedicated back button and quick toggles button, apparently.

The designer mentions a full screen immersive mode for games and videos, with the soft keys hidden, including the Home button. Front facing speakers at the top and bottom of the front are something Apple wouldn’t do, at least not right now. This model is flatter on the sides, top and bottom, compared to the iPhone 6 and there’s a dual camera setup at the back.

Somehow this feels a bit like the iPhone 3G, at least when seen from the front.

[via Asaad Hussain]

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