iPhone 7 Concept Rendered by Yasser Farahi, Redefines Ultraslim

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If you think about it, we aren’t that far away from the new iPhone of 2015, or better said from the very first leaks, that should start in spring or summer. The iPhone 7 will be very interesting, because aside from making it not bend and giving it a higher resolution, there’s not much to improve.

iPhone 7 concept Yasser Farahi 1

Designer Yasser Farahi, based in Netherlands has a different idea, so he envisioned a brand new iPhone 7 concept. His model is sleeker than ever and offers a very slim bezel. Wireless charging is also present here and apparently, this smartphone is meant for 2016, not this year. The phone keeps the iPhone 6’s rounded and shiny edges, but drops the antenna lines.

He also excluded the protruding camera and moved the volume buttons to the right side of the phone. Stereo sound is also implemented here and it’s activated when needed. For example, when holding the iPhone 7 in landscape mode, iOS 9 and the handset would calculate the position of the device and output the correct channel sound. The iPhone 7 rendered here measures 6.1 mm in thickness, packs a Full HD 4.7 inch screen, 5 GB of RAM, up to 128 GB storage and a 12 MP camera with OIS and 4K video capture.

iPhone 7 concept Yasser Farahi 2

iPhone 7 concept Yasser Farahi 3

iPhone 7 concept Yasser Farahi 4

iPhone 7 concept Yasser Farahi 6

[via Cult of Mac]

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