iPhone 7 Render Inspired by Apple Patent, Created by Mesut G. Designs

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A recent Apple patent has unveiled a potential design for the iPhone 7 or another future generation of the iPhone. The device is curved upfront and at the back and seems almost cylindrical. Mesut G. Designs has created this render.

iphone 7 patent concept 1

It brings dual back speakers, a very discrete back camera and another pair of speakers at the bottom. A new wider connector is included in the inferior area and the screen is now curved and has an edge to edge approach. Its edges are curved, but not in the Galaxy S6 Edge fashion. They go all the way towards the back area and meet another curved area.

iphone 7 patent concept 2

It’s like the Galaxy S6 Edge edges met with the Galaxy Note 5 back curved edge. The phone looks slim, it’s pictured in white and has a minimal top bezel. Notice that the Home button and volume buttons are gone, with the latter being replaced by virtual volume controls.

iphone 7 patent concept 3

iphone 7 patent concept 4

iphone 7 patent concept 5

[via Mesut G. Designs]

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