iPhone 7 Rendered With Edge to Edge Design, 6.2 mm Thick Chassis

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The iPhone 7 gets a new design today, even though we’re theoretically one year away from its debut. The handset is envisioned as an edge to edge piece of work, with a “maximal” display at the front, with an edge to edge approach.

iPhone 7 concept august 2015 1

The creation of smartphonealerts.com, this device also introduces Force Touch technology in the mix. This gives you extra means of interaction, with a new gesture that implies extra force or another one that implies a lighter press. You probably noticed that this iPhone doesn’t have a physical Home button. Its fingerprint scanner is now embedded within the display, it seems.

iPhone 7 concept august 2015 2

The body is made using sapphire crystal and the touch surface is made using graphene. Inside there’s the Apple A9 chipset and the M9 coprocessor, while the screen offers a 2160p resolution. The result is a 6.2 mm thick handset with speakers placed at the sides and interestingly the volume rocker and Power button have been combined into a single mechanism on the left.

At the bottom there’s an USB type C port and the back side features a glowing Apple logo, that will glow when notifications come. It also includes biometric sensors, that will track your health and activities. Specs include 2 GB of RAM, a 12 MP camera, a 2100 mAh battery and 5 MP selfie camera. The diagonal remains at 4.7 inches.

iPhone 7 concept august 2015 3

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[via smartphonealerts.com]

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