iPhone 7 Rendered With Edge to Edge Display, No Home Button

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Finally we managed to get an iPhone 7 concept that feels different from the standard glass and metal rectangles seen before. This model was created by Deviantart member studiomonroe and it involves an edge to edge approach.

iPhone 7 edge to edge concept

The design format feels similar to the one of the iPhone 6 overall, but this model uses an edge to edge screen panel and removes the black glass bands from the side. Force Touch is built into the screen to emulate the Home button and get rid of its physical incarnation. The bottom of the phone is compacted, as well as the top, so the edges on all sides have been cut smaller.

Screen size hasn’t reduced, so this is still a 4.7 incher. The glass seems curved now, maybe that 2.5D glass that so many Chinese companies have been using lately. It’s true that the Home button feels like a thing of the past, but it’s also a bit of an Apple iPhone trademark. Will they get rid of it?

[via Deviantart]

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