New iPhone 7 Rounded Design Seems to Feature Smart Connector

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A few years ago when the iPad design changed drastically, concept designers started imagining the iPhones using the same design language. They weren’t that far off, since the pill shaped buttons got transplanted to the iPhones, as well as the rounded edges. And today we come across an iPhone 7 concept that borrows from the iPad Pro.

iPhone 7 rounded concept 2015 1

This model is a rounded one, with an edge to edge screen and a Smart Connector at the bottom, instead of the Lightning one. The Home button also got eliminated and the fingerprint scanner is now integrated within the display. All ports and buttons have been removed, in order to make the iPhone 7 completely wireless.

iPhone 7 rounded concept 2015 2

The camera technology comes from Linx, a company that Apple bought for $20 million and is supposed to offer incredible Bokeh shots. The ugly plastic cutouts at the back for the antennae are gone and the back camera has been moved to the center. The way the thickness shifts from edges to center reminds me of the first gen iPads…

iPhone 7 rounded concept 2015 3

iPhone 7 rounded concept 2015 4

iPhone 7 rounded concept 2015 5

iPhone 7 rounded concept 2015 6

[via gizbrain]

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  • Wyatt Coe

    Using the smart connector is actually a very logical evolution of the charger. Especially when you consider the fact that many people are speculating that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof, after the rubber seals in the 6s made it fairly resistant. Using the smart connector eliminates the main port that could allow water in. Find a way to seal the rest of the holes and it’s a lot easier.

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