iPhone 7 Ultrathin Render is Too Slim Maybe… (Video)

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How thin is too thin? One or two years ago smartphone makers were about to break the 4 and 5 mm barrier for the waistline of handsets. They stopped at around 4 mm and even that’s not very practical and makes the device prone to breaks and bends. Now the iPhone goes the same route, through the concept below.

iPhone 7 ultrathin concept 1

This iPhone 7 concept was designed by Glaxon Paul in collaboration with ConceptsiPhone. This is one skinny iPhone and not only is it ultraslim, but it’s also covered with glass at the front. interestingly the upper and lower part of the glass mimic the older design approach, with a top and bottom bezel. The Home button is also simulated now,  in virtual form.

iPhone 7 ultrathin concept 2

The metal used for this iPhone would have to be incredibly sturdy and the glass too, not to mention that the thickness of the battery will have to be greatly reduced, or Apple would have to figure a way to juice up this ultraslim iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 ultrathin concept 3

iPhone 7 ultrathin concept 4

iPhone 7 ultrathin concept 5

[via ConceptsiPhone]

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