iPhone 7C Concept Created by Delta, Is Everything You Expect (Video)

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The iPhone 7C is getting less and less leaks lately, certainly less than the LG G5 for example, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally off radar. Today it pops up again, this time as a concept created by Delta.

iPhone 7C 2016 Delta concept 1

Dubbed iPhone 7C 2016 this model even has 3D Touch and gets a 4 inch screen, plus pretty much the specs of the iPhone 6, judging by the rumors. The design adopts the form factor of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 combined, with a colorful metal case in the mix. There are 8 color variations here and a black or white front.

Touch ID is also here and I expect the price to be at about $100 less than the iPhone 7 for example. We could see an announcement earlier than Fall, maybe this Spring with the Apple Watch 2. I’m still not sold on the idea of a colorful metal case….

iPhone 7C 2016 Delta concept 2

iPhone 7C 2016 Delta concept 3

iPhone 7C 2016 Delta concept 4

iPhone 7C 2016 Delta concept 5

[via Mesut G Designs]

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