iPhone 8 Concept Rendered by Techconfigurations, With Curved Display, Quad Speakers

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With the iPhone 7 being pretty much the iPhone 6Ss we expected it to be, it’s clear now that next year’s model is going to be something reaaaaally special. That’s why concept phones and renders of the newcomer are all the more important and also important is the set of iPhone 8 renders below.


Envisioned by Techconfigurations, the device has a curved display, quad speakers with surround and more goodies. We also have a video of the device below and keep in mind that it was inspired by all those patents floating on the web over the past years, those that keep showing us a cylindrical iPhone with a very curved front side and screen.


The iPhone 8 shown here is actually version 2 from Techconfigurations, that see it with a dual front camera and 3D image capture, while the back camera is also dual and comes with an “advanced light splitter”. The fingerprint scanner is embedded within the screen panel, which this time is a 5.5 inch Curved AMOLED, with improved 3D Touch.

The camera is very discrete and back somehow makes me think of the first Lumias. The top and bottom metal pieces are probably my favourite items here. And of course… one more thing: wireless charging. Perfect Galaxy S8 killer?








[via techconfigurations]

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