iPod Shuffle 2016 Concept Gets Probably the Best Tentative Ad Ever (Video)

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When I saw the iPod Shuffle 2016 concept below I was reasonably impressed, but what really blew my mind was the promo video for the device, that’s surprisingly well made. The design language is totally new for Apple and the vision is also fresh.


This player has a compact and modern design approach, with a round format, that makes it feel like a sort of smart coin. Few people would resist the temptation of flipping it like a coin, so Apple would better make it pack a solid metal chassis and Sapphire Glass at the front if possible. Storage should be king size, in spite of the smaller format.


32 GB should be a bare minimum here and interaction with the Apple Watch would also be nice. There’s a plus/minus button for volume at the top and bottom and a forward/back button on the sides. The presence of the audio jack at the bottom baffles us, seeing how Apple just got rid of it on the iPhone 7… Getting rid of it and pairing the device with wireless headphones would be mint.

The design is made by Giorgi Tedoradze/ TechDesigns and the video is simply great.








[Courtesy of Giorgi Tedoradze/ Tech Designs]

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