iPhone 8 Pro Gets Introduction Video, Hefty Price Associated

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We’ve moved past the idea of preliminary iPhone 8 designs and conceptual renders. We’re now into “finalized render” territory and “100% sure designs”. That’s because most case makers and accessory makers have started making accessories for the device and they’re quite sure about the format. Concept Creator proposes one such “finalized design”.

He doesn’t overcomplicate things, instead shows us an iPhone with a glass back and glass front. There’s a strong metal frame between them and the screen upfront is an edge to edge OLED one. I feel that the back dual camera protrudes quite a bit. The size of the huge Power button on the side may be justified by the fact it includes a Touch ID sensor, but there’s no guarantee about that.

Some people are sure that the Touch ID sensor will be placed at the back, which to me sounds a bit unlikely. This means an extra cutout and it makes the device look damn ugly. I still feel that the frame of the smartphone protrudes too much and feels like a bumper case. I hope that Apple has a way to make it more stylish, if possible. Overall, this is what we expect the real device to look like, with its positives and negatives.

The biggest achievement that this iPhone 8 will have on its side is fitting the big 5.8 inch screen into a 4.7 inch handset shell.

[via Concept Creator]

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