iPhone 8 Rendered by DBS Designing Team Bets Big on Immersive Screen (Video)

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Earlier this month DBS Designing Team came up with a new iPhone 8 concept, one that seems to bet on the idea of an immersive screen. It inevitably takes some hints from the Galaxy S8 and delivers a 5.5 inch Quad HD screen.

The rounded corners really stand out here and the screen itself has rounded edges. I have to say that I’ve seen presentation or concept videos before, but this time the soundtrack is really stunning. It feels like something out of a sci fi flick, like Interstellar. Showcased in red, black, gray or pink, the handset seems to be very slim and we can’t quite make out if it’s fully made of metal or sports a glass back.

What’s clear is that it has a dual back camera and it’s waterproof. The Home button no longer exists, replaced by the Apple logo placed right below the screen. That’s probably where the fingerprint scanner is also integrated. DBS Designing also takes the camera up a notch, with excellent F/1.7 aperture for both cameras. The fingerprint scanner has been placed under the glass this time, so it may use ultrasonic technology.

Wireless charging is also here and the format is much more compact than before. Once again, a very well done presentation video.

[via DBS Designing Team]

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