iPhone 8 Gets Teaser Trailer from ConceptCreator

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After rendering a beautiful Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Edge, designer ConceptCreator is back with an iPhone 8 this time, which he teases in the video below. Let’s dissect his work over the following lines.


So, of course we’re dealing with a metal frame, but somehow the camera is singular at the back, leading me to believe this is the 4.7 inch model we’re dealing with. The device may well get a curved glass panel upfront and I see that the bottom speaker has been highlighted. The facade seems to bring a screen with no bezel at all and the frame looks kinds of wide.


I may be overthinking this, but the shiny edges feel a bit like liquidmetal to me, or maybe chrome, so we may be in for a treat. These are speculations right now, but we’ll probably learn more in a few days when the concept iPhone 8 is done. Also, get ready for at least a dozen more till the real thing appears.




[via ConceptCreator]

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