New iPhone Concept Has a Slightly Curved Back

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Jsus is the same designer that showed us the Xperia Play 2 concept and some other very interesting designs. Now he’s back with an iPhone concept, that promises a revolution and uses a slightly curved back. Notice the big departure from the small rounded volume buttons on the iPhone 4S to the unified volume button here.

The physical Home button is still here and I can’t say that this iPhone 5 design is shocking or game changing. What’s really a nice touch and interesting detail is the fact that the Apple logo here resembles the one for the WWDC 2012 invitation, hinting at a possible launch of the new iPhone there. From what I’ve heard at WWDC 2012 we will be seeing iOS 6.0 and some new MacBooks, but no new iPhone. Anyway, this new iPhone is certainly something that Apple would do, since it doesn’t stray from past design lines and it’s still pretty classy.

The only problem I have here is that the device seems a bit too thick, since it has a 3 layer design: the screen panel area, the metallic frame and the back cover, that seem to create a bulkier than usual iPhone. Anything special you’d like to change about it?

[Thanks Jsus]


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