Preview of the “Biggest Phone Concept Ever”, by Alexander Black

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When someone promises you “one of the biggest concepts ever”, you’re certainly excited to see what’s coming. We’ve just received an email from Alexander Black, teasing us with a fresh phone design, that appears to be linked in some way to a Galaxy S model, according to the name of the picture below.

The teaser will turn into a real device on May 10th, but till then I want your theories on this image and what it might end up being. I can see there’s a camera in there and in the background there’s something shaped like the Nokia N9, if I’m not mistaking. Anyway, it’s a nicely crafted teaser, since it doesn’t give away much and increases the suspense. After the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S III on May 3rd, I could surely use a breath of fresh and a good design, since the Galaxy S3 was a disappointment for me.

What would you change about the latest Galaxy S phone?

[Thanks Alexander Black]