iPhone IQ Concept by Steel Drake is a Whole Different Ball Game

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Every iPhone we’ve seen lately has been pretty close to standard iPhone design, without straying too much. Today designer Steel Drake proposes something different and we tend to listen to him, since he created the pretty badass Sony Zeus concept phone. Thus, let’s check out the iPhone IQ.

The classical iPhone design has been swapped for something new here. The design is based around feeling ultra comfy in your hand. The device is easy to hold, easy to use and it’s got a fully curved display and back side. It’s all metal, premium and albeit it’s thick, it’s also built around the shape of your hand. The screen is really expanded to an edge to edge approach and corners are more curved than ever.

The back camera feels a bit simplistic for Apple, like something Alcatel or ZTE would do, to be frank. It’s clear what the designer was going for here: a pebble vibe and also a device curved in such a way that it perfectly emulates your palm. The result is bigger than the iPhone X and people actually want a bigger screen, so it’s spot on. The borders are just 4 mm and you can easily see the screen from the sides, thanks to excellent view angles and lots of curvatures for the screen.

The oddest thing about this phone is probably the fact that it has a port on the side and it doesn’t even look like a Lightning one. I’ve actually heard Apple is considering switching to USB Type-C, but I think we’re in for a bit of wait till that happens. This feels like a bold phone from Steel Drake, maybe too bold and not something Apple would actually make.

[via BehanceĀ / Techdesigns]

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