iPhone SE2 Gets the Ben Geskin Treatment, Inspired by 3D CAD Renders

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The iPhone SE2 is starting to sound inevitable, after so many leaks, so now it’s time for more renders. Benjamin Geskin has created some versions of the latest cheap iPhone and you can check them out below.

The handset has a metal body and the same measurements of the iPhone SE, but with a bigger diagonal. The round buttons feel old now, after a few generations of pill shaped buttons. Anyway, there are two versions of the device: one with full metal body and the glass windows top and bottom and one with glass back. I can’t guarantee there will be a back glass, since wireless charging will cost Apple extra.

Upfront there’s a notch, a wide one, which may or may not hide a 3D sensing mechanism for Face ID. I think many people will have a hard time pressing the Power button at the top, since pressing on the right side is now ingrained in our gestures. I’m kind of digging the glass back black versions of the iPhone SE2 to be honest. Also, by the way Benjamin Geskin has the gift of somehow anticipating properly devices not yet launched, so watch out for that.

[via Benjamin Geskin]

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