iPhone XII Already Rendered and It Now Has 4 Cameras

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Ben Geskin is a staple of the concept phone world. I think that not a single week has passed over the last year, without him generating some sort of render or phone design. This time, sick of the whole iPhone XI leakage hype, he went further into the future, creating the iPhone XII.

The 2020 iPhone is basically bound to have 5G as a default feature and it should also keep the square camera module of the 2019 model. However, an upgrade is due, as the camera receives a Time of Flight sensor. There are actually two schools of thought for the camera area, both similar to the iPhone XI leaks. There’s one with a black camera module and one with a color similar to the whole back side, minus the lenses.

The notch is here to stay, sadly, but at least it’s smaller this time. Ben Geskin even posted some specs for the iPhone XII Max, including a 6.7 inch OLED screen, a quad camera with ToF sensor, a 5 nm A14 CPU and an USB Type-C port. 5G too! All of them are perfectly doable, but I think that Apple may find a more elegant solution for the camera and notch… I would actually prefer the black module for the camera, but with a less predictable lens integration.

[via Ben Geskin]

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