iPhone XR 2019 Now Gets 360 Degree Video From @Onleaks and Pricebaba

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I’ll tell you why the iPhone XR 2019 is such a big deal: the iPhone XR is even now the best selling smartphone, period in UK and USA. That’s no small feat, considering the choice people have. The device is about to get a sexy follow-up, with a boosted camera, that has just been rendered, courtesy of Pricebaba and @OnLeaks.

We’ve already seen an iPhone XR 2 render from Hasan Kaymak and this follows a pretty similar approach. Many things have been kept, from the 6.1 inch notched screen, to the colorful body. However, this time we switch it up to a dual back camera in a square module, the likes of which you’ll also see on the iPhone 11. The notch remains rather big and hopefully it includes a new selfie camera.

The Apple A13 CPU is a given and the product has some beefy bezels, from what I can see. It’s made of glass and metal, comes in blue, yellow and red at least, plus a while version. Not sure if the screen switches up to OLED or sticks to IPS LCD. One welcome update would be the resolution moving from HD to Full HD+. As far as the back camera goes, sources say that we should get two 12 MP shooters, a wide angle one and a 2x telephoto lens.

I have a feeling that we may actually get a regular camera and an ultra wide one. The battery capacity should be the same as the predecessor one.

[via @OnLeaks/ Pricebaba]

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