iSiri is an Apple Smart Watch That Will Guide You Everywhere (Video)

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Designer Federico Ciccarese imagined one of the most original Apple concepts I’ve seen lately: the iSiri Smartwatch. This revolutionary device allows you to ask any question and get the answer right away, without having to remove the handset from your pocket. This Apple Smartwatch is a round piece of gadgetry that you can attach to your wrist like a watch.

This wearable gizmo connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth and offers all the functions that the normal Siri does. You can ask what the weather will be like, dictate a Facebook status, make restaurant reservations, find out sport events scores and activate a call to someone, via the iPhone. At the bottom of the iSiri there’s a Lightning port and the two speakers from the iPhone 5. At the top there’s an audio jack and Earpods seem to be bundled with it.

This Apple watch has a metallic design, so it’s basically a bigger “button” and I mean button in the sense of the ones you wear on your clothes, but with the mauve Siri logo on it. It looks pretty fancy and I can see people wearing such a trendy accessory. Would you invest in such a product?


[via Federico Ciccarese]