Kiarash Kia Teases New iPhone “C” Model

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Designer Kiarash Kia has teased a new concept phone today, a device that’s clearly an iPhone, part of the “C” series it would appear. Since all we have is the teaser, we can speculate on it, before the finalized render comes this week.

apple teaser kiarash kia

So, it appears we’re dealing with a plastic material iPhone, probably an iPhone 6c or 7c even. I see through the blur that it has narrow screen bezels, what seems like a high resolution and colourful body. The front camera seems really big and I’m not sure if there’s a Home button below the screen or not. I’m guessing the specs of this so called iPhone 6c are going to be the same with the ones of the iPhone 6, if I were to speculate.

The camera will probably be an 8 megapixel unit and this model may totally phase out the iPhone 5s from production, when it debuts. We’ll learn more tomorrow when the finalized design is ready.

[via Kiarash Kia]

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