Kiarash Kia Teases New iPhone X

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Designer Kiarash Kia hasn’t rendered a new device in a while now, but he’s back with a teaser for a brand new iPhone X. All we have is the render below and we try to dissect it after the break, to see what’s fresh.

Judging by all the recent rumors, this may just be an iPhone X Plus, or maybe the iPhone SE 2, albeit the “X” in the image kind of gives it away. It’s got a pretty big and sturdy metal frame, not exactly feeling like stainless steel this time, but rather aluminum. I see the notch is still here, although it seems a tad smaller. In fact the screen may be bigger, so that’s why I believe it’s an iPhone X Plus in fact.

The screen’s resolution is odd in this teaser, but that may be the fault of the image compression. We may also be dealing with that rumored LCD screen iPhone with a 6.5 inch diagonal we’ve been hearing so much about. Looking forward to seeing the finalized concept.

[via Kiarash Kia]

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