MacPad Pro Concept, a Hybrid Between the MacBook Pro and the iPad

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Designer Jules Moretti imagined the perfect portable device from Apple, the MacPad Pro. This concept laptop is a hybrid between the famous iPad and the MacBook Pro and it obviously integrates a touch display, plus a touch keyboard. The display and keyboard seem to share one common touch area with a very minor hinge.

Basically we’re dealing with two iPads united through a hinge and working together at the same time. The unit is a lightweight device, that can be held as a book, if you want to. It hasn’t got Ethernet and Firewire 800 ports, in order to keep the body thinner, but at least we get 3 USB 3.0 ports and Thunderbolt connectors. I imagine that the battery life will be huge here, around 20 hours or so, considering an iPad gives you about 10 hours of functioning time.

I’m also expecting a different keyboard layout on the keyboard touch area, I mean different from the one on the iPad, since the keys can now occupy the entire screen, or maybe go with the split screen view. Finally, I wonder if there’s a need to implement a virtual touchpad or not, considering there’s so much screen area to touch… I can imagine the MacPad Pro as the perfect tool for designers and maybe sometime in the future we’ll see a PhotoShop Touch meant for this experience.

[via Yanko Design]