Popular Phones in 2022: Galaxy S22 Ultra, OnePlus 10 Pro, Xiaomi 12 Ultra, iPhone 14

Meta Description: Phones like the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the OnePlus 10 Pro are highly awaited in 2022. Read the full list of popular phones here. 

Today, a large number of people have access to smartphones. With important industries related to education, entertainment, and healthcare moving to digital spaces, phones are becoming a necessity now. These devices enable you to browse the internet, make calls, take pictures, and even attend online classes. As technology advances, smartphones are also evolving. They now have greater features that assist users better. In 2022, phones such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, OnePlus 10 Pro, Xiaomi 12 Ultra, and iPhone 14 are gaining popularity because of their advanced features and specifications. Here’s what you need to know about these phones. 

Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is part of Samsung’s widely acclaimed Galaxy range. These smartphones gained a lot of popularity ever since they came out.  These phones are often compared with Apple’s iPhone. In 2022, With greater access to information with deals like Cox cable bundles, fans can now read about specifications and predictions regarding upcoming models. 

Samsung is set to launch another version of the Galaxy S; the Galaxy S22 Ultra. While exact dates are still unclear, the S22 Ultra is likely to release in early 2022, within the first few months. As for the price, there still have been no confirmed releases. 

However, it’s predicted that this will hover around the same bracket as the previous Galaxy model, the S21. Features like specifications, colors, and attributes are still unclear. But, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is likely to come in three colors; green, black, rose gold, and white. As with price, the design, too, will be similar to the S21. However, slight changes are still expected. In addition to this, Samsung’s latest Galaxy S model is also almost the same size as the iPhone 13. This allows greater comparisons between the iPhone and the Galaxy S. 

OnePlus 10 Pro

This smartphone has been long-awaited by many fans. The Chinese tech company didn’t go along with its typical fall release this year. As a result, fans are even more excited about the new OnePlus 10 Pro. This phone is likely to launch in early 2022, by January. This is also when other awaited phones like the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Oppo Find X4 are expected to debut. Because of simultaneous releases, it will be easier to compare and analyze the different phones in terms of specifications, features, and display. Unlike other popular phones like Samsung and Apple, not too much has been released about the OnePlus 10 Pro. 

However, it’s estimated that the new smartphone will cost around $730. This phone will make use of the on-screen detail. In addition to this, the incorporation of LTPO 2.0 will ensure a smoother screen, allowing users to swiftly navigate. While OnePlus smartphones typically don’t change much in terms of design, this particular model may have a different camera design. It’s also likely that this model has a triple-lens camera along with 3.3x optical zoom. 

Xiaomi 12 Ultra 

Xiaomi has gained momentum with its innovative smartphone designs and features. Now, the company has people hugely excited about the release of its Xiaomi 12 Ultra. This specific phone sis et to release by the end of 2021. However, it’s still unclear whether this release date applies to all countries or if it’s specific only to China. As of now, Xiaomi has briefly discussed the launch of a set of models including Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro, 12 Ultra, and another version that’s still in the air. The Xiaomi 12 Ultra has very little released information currently. 

Thus, there hasn’t been too much debate regarding its specifications, design, camera, and price. Xiaomi is known for its whimsical designs and appearances when it comes to smartphones. It is likely that this model too will look unique. In addition to this, there are chances that the 12 Ultra may launch with a 200Mp main camera. This will be one of the first in the world. As a result, the main camera is one of the main reasons why fans are so excited about this specific model of Xiaomi 12. Apart from this, it’s also likely that the camera will have a Smart ISO mode along with other advanced features like the Double Super PD autofocus. 

iPhone 14

The iPhone has always gathered huge debate with every phone release. In addition to this, there are also significant speculations about design, price, and specifications. What’s typically controversial about the iPhone series is the price. Apart from this, the design is also frequently talked about. Most iPhone critics hold the view that these phone series make only slight changes to design and even specifications. As a result, the new models and versions and pretty similar to older iPhones. 

The iPhone 14 has been rumored to look pretty much like its predecessor, the iPhone 13. However, it’s likely to be bigger in size. It has been rumored that the latest version will also have a 48-megapixel camera. Apple’s Face ID notch led to controversy when it first came out. As a result, Apple is considering eliminating this feature from the latest models. There have also been rumors surrounding an under-display Touch ID. However, until the official launch of the iPhone 14, people can’t be too sure about what it will offer in terms of design, camera, and battery. 

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