This is Possibly the Best iPhone 8 Concept, Featuring an OLED Edge to Edge Display

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Designer Tobias Buettner has come up with one of the best looking iPhone 8 concepts out there, one that uses an OLED edge to edge display. To me there’s a slight Nokia N9 vibe, or even the N10 concept, if you remember it, only slimmer and prettier.

iPhone 8 concept tobias buettner  (1)

The iPhone 8 shown here comes with a Home button integrated within the display and there’s also a glass cover on the back side. Back to the iPhone 4 approach, I guess. We get a dual back camera, with pretty discrete sensor size, compared to the leaks of the iPhone 7 huge cameras for example. Basically, this body is mostly glass, with very little metal in the mix, only at the top and bottom. The glass goes all the way over the edges, as you can see.

iPhone 8 concept tobias buettner  (2)

Buttons look stunning, but I feel the waistline is too small now. The flat top and bottom isn’t a certain thing, since Apple may go round all the way, like Samsung did with the Note 7 (supposedly). We usually like to pick on the small things and find flaws, but honestly speaking, this is one well done concept iPhone 8.

I can’t help but wonder just how slippery this device is…

iPhone 8 concept tobias buettner  (3)

iPhone 8 concept tobias buettner  (4)

[Thanks Tobias Buettner]

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