This iPhone 15 Ultra Concept Is Closer to the Apple Watch

One of the designers we’ve been following from the early days of our website is Jonas Daehnert, aka @PhoneDesigner. He made some cool Nokia concepts back in the day, HTC ones too, if I remember correctly, but now he’s back with an iPhone 15 Ultra.

Unlike other crazy iPhone 15 Ultra renders and concepts, this one is more inspired by the Apple Watch Ultra. It feels like an iPhone 14 Pro with a hard case on top of it. The designer claims that the bulge of the Apple Watch Ultra is much larger than in this concept and he had to make it much flatter for the phone. The result is quite beefy, over 12 mm in thickness.

This is not based on any sort of leaks, it’s just an adaption from the design of the Apple Watch Ultra. The edges are curved, but the display is flat. Buttons protrude slightly and there’s also a Mute toggle with a texture surface. We find a camera island at the back, with a triple lens setup. The titanium frame is champagne colored and the back side is cream colored, plus we have orange accents around the USB-C port. Even an orange Action button made the cut, for some reason.

My guess is that the iPhone 15 Ultra is more rugged, has extra battery life, but I’m shocked by the lack of a periscope camera. The only thing odd here is the protrusion of the screen from the device.

via Jonas Daehnert

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