Time for Another CAD Render of the iPhone 7 Plus/ iPhone 7 Pro (Video)

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So, it’s that time of the week when we get a new iPhone leak, or better said a render inspired by the latest leaks. It’s the iPhone 7 Plus that’s the star here, or better said the iPhone 7 Pro. Created by @OnLeaks for Stuff.tv, the device is pretty much like we left it last time.

iPhone 7 Pro CAD render Onleaks (1)

There’s a Smart Connector at the back and the dimensions fit the iPhone 6S Plus. Involved in the renders here are CAD files from prototypes used by Catcher Technology during the early March testing stage. There’s no headphone port here and quite a few holes for the bottom part speaker. The headphones are supposed to be connected via Lightning port.

iPhone 7 Pro CAD render Onleaks (3)

The core values stay the same: premium aluminum build, rounded sides and corners and apparently moved antenna lines to the top and bottom of the back. Of course, naysayers would claim that Meizu M6 Pro did it first, but the iPhone 7 Plus was probably long time designed when that Meizu model came into play. We also see a big camera housing, confirming the dual camera theory.

iPhone 7 Pro CAD render Onleaks (2)

[via @OnLeaks and Stuff.tv]

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