ASUS Z Luxx is a Fashionable Line of Tablets, Phones

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Leave it to Mladen Milic to shape the latest ASUS gear into beautiful formats. He specializes in gaming phones, but today he delivers a concept that involves both phones and tablets, with elegant designs, based on metal shells. The name of the product range is ASUS Z-Luxx and the devices are shown below.

Keep in mind these are mere concepts, not real life products, so don’t open your wallet just yet. The design of these tablets and phones bears modern influences, taken from the world of fashion. ASUS already borrowed from the fashionable purse designs for its ZenPad models, so this comes as no surprise. We’ve got ergonomic rounded edges, improved grip and a premium look and feel.

Meant for both women and men, the devices come with a variety of patterns, materials and vibrant colors. You can choose between aluminum and brushed metal combined with premium leather. The manly editions come in black, gray or silver, while the feminine ones in purple, white and red. There’s something about these tablets that really screams “Nexus 7 2017” to me, but I may just reading too much into it.

Putting Intel CPUs inside is a bit risky right now, since Core m CPUs won’t offer enough power, while the Core i is a bit too much for this format and Intel Atom is dead… so which one is it?

[via Mladen Milic]

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