BlackBerry Glide Smartphone Is an Interesting Side Sliding Device

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Deviantart user styllfresh proposes a new design for future BlackBerries through the following device: BlackBerry Glide. This side slider is only one of the many BlackBerry concepts I’ve seen over the past months and still Research in Motion denies us the innovation and only serves us tehe same old crappy designs. It’s a shame, right?

The BlackBerry Glide features a simplistic facade, with a 4 inch display (I’m speculating), plus the call, end call buttons and a Home button thrown in for good measures. On the side you’ll see sliding a nifty keyboard with a comfy space keys and backlight keys that seem easy to type on. The keyboard has 3 rows of letters and an extra row of functional keys such, as uppercase, symbols, Space and… lol?! Getting past that aspect I’d really like to see the back of this smartphone, as I’m curios if the camera is integrated in the sliding part or it’s in the display section.

Anyway cameras were never a focus on BlackBerry models, so I’ll be happy if anything this elegant ever leaves the factory working for RIM.

[via Deviantart]