Curve Phone Render is a Folding Device With Touch Buttons on the Side

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Designer Kyle Hatfield, the same guy behind yesterday’s iPhone 7 with curved edges has created the Curve. This is a concept phone with a bent design and probably a foldable case. The handset has touchscreen buttons along the side.

Folding phone concept kyle hatfield 1

This smartphone brings a large display and aluminum finish at the bottom and top. In the middle it’s all glass and at the back there’s a metal piece. I can’t figure out what the thing below the display is, maybe it’s a speaker, or maybe a sort of sensor. A special curved dock has also been envisioned by the designer, leading me to believe that the device stays like this and doesn’t flex.

Folding phone concept kyle hatfield 2

The Curve Phone is pretty stylish and slim, but I sure hope it can at least be flexed into a straight body, like the LG G Flex for example. I’m looking forward to see what else this designer comes up with, especially since he seems specialized in curved display smartphones.

Folding phone concept kyle hatfield 3

[via Behance]

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