DrawBraille Touch Phone is Perfect for Visually Impaired Users

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We have seen a couple of cellphones for visually impaired users, but one more always welcome. This Braille phone was created by Shikun Sun and bears the name of DrawBraille Phone. So, here’s finally a piece of device, with a touchscreen for people with disabilities.

This concept cellphone uses the Braille alphabet, that’s embossed into the surface of the smartphone, for input and output functionality. Mechanical dots will be formed to make an input area, while bigger square patterns are used as the display for the phone, offering touch cellphone functionality.

210 mechanical dots are shown on the phone’s reading area and stands for the 35 Braille alphabets available at this moment. They’re placed in 5 rows and the visually impaired users will slide their fingers over the dots to read the menus, phonebook, mails, texts and even e-books. Web surfing is also a potential feature of the cellphone. A music player and the ability to locate nearby public facilities are on board as well.

[via Design Buzz]