Foldable Smartphone Design by Chesky Won is EXACTLY What Samsung Needs

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90% of the times when I see a foldable phone patent, it feels very backwards or antiquated. Every once in a while a realistic one comes along and Samsung’s latest such patents seemed more pragmatic. And now I’ve come across a foldable phone concept that fits perfectly with Samsung’s vision. It’s the creation of Chesky Wong and it’s shown below.

First of all I hope that the Japanese designer isn’t upset we’re showing off his concept here, since it’s a personal project. Created using Photoshop, the device unfolds to triple the screen estate of the OG smartphone, becoming a tablet and if I were to guess I’d say it’s a 10 inch tablet. The hinges are quite visible, which is something that future generations of foldable units should get rid of.

Once unfolded and operating in tandem with a keyboard, the handset may well replace a PC. When folded, the smartphone is pretty thick, but that’s the price first gen models usually pay when experimenting. Maybe a dual screen approach would’ve been better and I don’t even want to think about the battery life. Somehow I also dig the stylus that the designer envisioned here, it’s just simple.

[via Behance]

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