Next Gen Bendable Smartphone Has an Interesting UI, That Combines Tiles With Material Design

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Omar Atef from Egypt has envisioned a new concept phone, one that bends and flexes. It has no bezels and it comes with an UI that seems to combine tiles with Material Design.

Next gen bendable smartphone 1

From what I can see the speakers are placed at the top and all the buttons are virtual ones. This model is not only bendable, but also shinkrable. This flexible smartphone can be made about 3 times smaller and it becomes as small as an MP3 player of sorts. The back camera is huge and there’s a dual LED below.

There’s not only a front speaker grille, but also a back speaker grille, above the camera. I like the way the phone looks when it curves, but somehow it feels fragile. A lot of flexible nano materials will have to be moved around for this piece of work to happen. Also, speculating by the looks this is clearly a smartphone concept with a waistline below 6 mm.

Next gen bendable smartphone 2

Next gen bendable smartphone 3

Next gen bendable smartphone 4

Next gen bendable smartphone 5

[via Behance]

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