Ibis Dual Face Smartwatch is a Piece of Jewelry, Runs Android

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In lack of a good concept phone these days we resort to the smartwatches, like the new model below. This is the Ibis dual face smartwatch concept, that was unveiled last week and apparently played a part in Mobile World Congress 2014.


Finnish company Creoir Ltd. is behind this concept, that looks more like a piece of jewelry rather than a smartwatch. The Ibis features a stainless steel body and also crystal elements. In case you’re wondering, its design is inspired by a flying bird spreading its wings in order to protect its baby bird on the back.

ibis_smartwatch 2

This smartwatch concept features an OLED display with touch support, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB. This model has a built in accelerometer, an e compass also included and it runs on Android with a custom UI. This device will connect to both iOS and Android devices and it can receive notifications from your smartphone and also act as a remote control.


ibis_smartwatch-concept 1

[via Gizmag]

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