Intel Foldable Phone Unveiled by Patent and Renders

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Intel is definitely not one of the companies we associate with with foldable phones or crazy projects. Well, actually they were playing with smart clothes at some point and also with wearables. Now a patent for a foldable phone came to light and Intel’s machine looks a lot like the Microsoft Surface Phone.

Actually, the source even hints that a pairing of Microsoft and Intel may happen, as it has time and time again. We’re dealing with a triple screen machine, but not one that’s similar to Xiaomi’s recent teasers. The device seems to show some form of Windows Mobile, with a very minimalistic approach. The foldable manages to stay slim, even in smartphone mode.

You can also see the patent that started it all, that inspired the renders. It shows several iterations of the device, in a laptop mode, tent mode, alarm clock mode and a dual screen or triple screen tablet. There’s even a stylus in the mix and the hinges are beautifully hidden this time around.

Too bad we can’t have a clear look at the device’s back… By the way there are 6 cameras here, one per every piece of facade. Intel could even use a special Electronic Paper Display here, but nothing is sure now.


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