Jermaine Smit Creates His Own OS Concept and Tablet Concept (Video)

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After the Hold JS1 phone here, it’s time for Jermaine Smit to strike again, this time with a detailed view of his own OS and a tablet in the making. The platform is simply called Hold, just like the phones and tablet.


The menu concept is simple: the main homescreen looks a bit like Android and in the UI everything is categorized, like games under the game slide and apps in the app area. This makes them easier to find. The operating system is described as “smooth”, giving Android-like control, but iOS style smoothness. As far as the tablet goes, this one is a 10 inch slate, that adopts the inwards curved edges of the Hold JS1 handset.

We’ve got a back pattern that brings me back to the days of the Motorola Xoom tablets and makes me think of denim material for some reason. There’s a camera with a metal ring at the back, that totally takes me back to the HTC One X… What do you think of the OS and tablet?

hold OS tablet jermaine smit

[Thanks Jermaine Smit]

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