Jermaine Smit Teases Foldable Tablet

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There’s been talk about a foldable Samsung tablet for the second half of the year, but till then we’ve got the usual concepts. Jermaine Smit is back with a flexible and foldable device, that’s pictured below.

foldable tablet concept

This is a mere teaser of what’s coming, a slate that to me looks like an Apple model and also a bit like a new LG G Pad. The device seems to adopt an edge to edge display and I’m guessing it will fold in a more modest way, maybe like the LG G Flex. I see metal and glass here, judging by the appearance of the slate. While flexing a phone has a purpose, because leave them in backpacks filled with heavy books or in the back pocket and sit on them, why make a tablet flexible?

The only way a foldable tablet makes sense is if you can actually fold it in two and make it a smartphone. That triggers a new problem: you will create a very thick smartphone you will be ashamed to use in public, because it looks bulky. So what’s the advantage? Why do YOU want a foldable tablet?

[via Jermaine Smit]

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