Mobikoma Concept Phone Uses Modules Fastened to Each Other Via Micro Locks

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Modular devices seem to be getting more and more trendy, just like the Mobikoma concept phone, created by Kamil Izrailov. This handset is actually made out of small squares of pure technology, small little gadgets that are fastened to each other through micro locks. Each module has its own battery and processor and gathered they all generate a big computing device and big power source.

You can use Mobikoma collectively as a phone, or even a mini tablet, by adding a few extra modules. Two specific little gadgets are dedicated to the SIM storage, phone memory and microphone. You also get programmed buttons on some of the key pieces of this technologic puzzle. On the side surfaces of the modules in the middle there are apertures and the locks of these elements come apart after pushing a pin into an aperture. The maximum size of all these modules gathered together can be 1.5 x 2 m, which is huge, to be honest.

With 54 elements you create a tablet, while 2 elements make a very tiny cellphone (22mm x 44mm x6mm) and 18 elements make a decent smartphone. You can shape the ideal gear like an U, like an O, like a cross or whatever your heart desires. As the images show, this is a Windows device, so it gives you access to all the famous formats and codecs when it comes to media playback. No mention of the camera though…

[via Yanko Design]