Oppo Windows Phone 8 Device Mockup Posted Online

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We know Oppo as a Chinese company that started back in 2004 with Blu ray players and moved on in the recent year to create a few interesting smartphones. Now there’s a new model rendered here, a premiere for the company, since it runs Windows Phone 8.


Usually Oppo phones run Android and the picture you see here were posted on the social network Sina Weibo by the social marketing director from Oppo, Li Ying Ming. The mockup photos show us the design of the Oppo Find 5 with Windows Phone 8 attached to it. It could be that the company is waiting for the final version of the GDR3 WP8 release to launch the model.

They may intend to launch a Full HD model, which explains the delay. The handset doesn’t look bad at all, although it kind of makes me think about a Lumia model with a slight Xperia from 2011 and 2012 twist. Have you heard of Oppo? What do you think of their products?

[via liveside.net]

  • Bob Cheney

    This is a great looking phone it will be interesting to see if the company brings it out.
    having had the find 5phone and now have the U2 S phone form OPPO.
    I find the phones to be be very good and very well made, with some very good applications form the company.
    The company offers great service to its customers.
    Looking forward to this and any new phone form this company.

  • ROI

    oppo find 7 – look it up at CES2014. Excellent apps and better than apple or samsung

  • Bob Cheney

    OPPO make great products, Their phones are very good to use and I have had not problems with them at all. Plus they offer great after sales service.
    Having used their phones for the past 2 years, can say the build quality is fantasic.