Squarephone 2013 is an Indestructible Phone With Carbon Fiber Body (Video)

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Carbon fiber is one of those materials that sounds good on smartphones in theory, but in practice it hasn’t been put to use. Motorola tried its hand with kevlar fiber, but it’s not the same thing. Squarephone 2013 is an indestructible phone with carbon fiber body, that’s detailed below.


The device is hinged and can swivel around for self portraits, plus it comes with a full size keyboard. The idea here is not to have a comfortable grip, but rather to have a resilient handset and a lightweight one. The screen here would be up to 6 inches in size and it would support a Full HD resolution.

The video below was published by Studio Baerig, that’s probably behind this design. The phone features two square parts that open up and reveal a common screen. This is basically a flip phone with unified screen instead of dual displays. The design is rectangular and the way the device folds reminds me of a woman’s makeup kit. Fancy a SquarePhone?


[via phonesreview]