This Multi Lens Point and Shoot Camera is Definitely Inspired by the iPhone 11 Pro

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While people are mostly unhappy with the camera design of the iPhone 11 Pro, it’s probably going to be as inspired and as copied as the notch was. It’s already happening, as designer Dennis Sedov created the C4 camera, a point and shoot device inspired by the iPhone 11 Pro.

The device even comes in the Midnight Green hue, once again inspired by Apple. The C4 is a highly pocketable machine, that you can carry in your purse, bag, backpack, shirt pocket or trousers. It actually one ups the new iPhones, by using 5 different lenses to shoot with. You can pick between a 13 mm, 24 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm and 90 mm lens, making it all feel more like a Nokia 9 Pureview.

There’s also a huge flash down the middle and we’ve got a scroll wheel on the front side, which somehow makes this camera feel like an iPod Shuffle of sorts. Using that wheel you will be able to cycle through lenses, navigate in galleries and more. This device is supposed to bridge the gap between DSLRs and smartphones, while keeping the compact format.

It also feels a bit like an Apple Watch without the strap… The problem is that it’s very hard to stuff 5 camera sensors and potent lenses in such a compact body… However, I love the colors, industrial design and old school vibe of the camera, almost steampunk at times.

[via Yanko Design/ Dennis Sedov]

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