Google Pixel 4 Gets the DBS Designing Team Treatment in New Concept (Video)

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Hard to believe we’re just two weeks away from the unveiling of the last flagship of 2019, the Google Pixel 4. The headlines are being stolen by the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and iPhone 11 these days, though and leaks have started to tamper down. Designers from the DBS Designing Team have reignited the flame, via a brand new Google Pixel 4 concept, shown below.

First of all, it’s very hard to be surprised by this design anymore. Google itself teased the square camera a while ago and also teased the dual camera with telephoto lens. We’re supposed to get an 8X hybrid zoom that’s as good as 5X optical zoom or better. Anyway, in the DBS Design view, we get a device that’s slimmer than usual and it also has a great screen to body ratio.

There are also two approaches to it: the single selfie camera cutout and the dual one. I imagine that the regular Pixel 4 will have the singular front camera and the Pixel 4 XL the dual one. This contrast with recent leaks and all leaks actually, that show a major forehead at the top of the device, meant to include potent selfie cameras, Face ID mechanisms and a Project Soli sensor for gesture control.

I love this white version of the phone, a rather pure and minimalistic approach, with black bezels and a red power button. The back camera is a bit more discrete than I though and definitely better looking than the iPhone one. There’s very little talk about the third camera sensor, the Spectral one, but I’ve heard it’s meant to capture data from outside the normal spectrum (X Ray, infrared and more).

So, do you favour the camera cutouts or the big forehead?

[via DBS Designing Team]

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