Google Pixel 4 Gets Beautiful Closeups in This Concept Creator 3D Render (Video)

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Google Pixel 4 has leaked a ton over the past weeks and even received some believable promo videos lately. Now it’s time to see Concept Creator’s take on it, as shown below in a set of 3D renders compiled in a video.

First of all, the red hue is fresh and would breathe new life into the Pixel series. Then the big forehead is highlighted here with a few closeups, which show us the whole Project Soli thing, the new sensors and cameras. There’s 3D face unlock as well. I can’t yet tell if Google is up to its usual tricks, making the back side bitonal in approach, or if it’s a single color tone.

I’d go with a single one, at first sight. I wonder why everybody keeps calling this a dual camera device, since it clearly also has a third sensor above the main two (12 MP cam from Pixel 3 and a 16 MP ultra wide or telephoto new cam). The third sensor is actually not a camera, but a spectral sensor, meant to capture more colors and data even outside the regular spectrum.

Expect the Pixel 4 to debut on October 15th, with a Snapdragon 855+ CPU and lots of emphasis on control via voice and hand gestures. I think Concept Creator did a fine job, especially with the animations and closeups. I’ll admit that even the facade of the device is growing on me.

[via Concept Creator]

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