Tiny Phone Channels Some Old School Lumia Vibes

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Jonas Daehnert is a name you probably haven’t heard of, but at the same time you may know the designer as… Phone Designer. This time, after creating a few Surface Phones and Lumias, he turns his face towards a Tiny Phone. What came out of that can be seen below.

Sometimes people just love a minimalistic phone, a device that gives up on the status quo and the standard rectangular design. It’s also a phone that breaks the chain of long usage hours and social media addiction. But we’re here to talk about the design… Yes, it’s still a rectangular design, one that channels some of the Lumia approach from a few years ago.

It also has some splashes of red on the gray version, which are a nice touch. I see there’s a sort of “tunnel” at the back side, possibly meant for the lifting pop up camera. The thing that feels like a Lumia here is the approach of the corners and the material texture. There’s also something very playful about this device and the way it doesn’t aim to please.

I’m also getting some FairPhone vibes, even though I don’t know if this phone is conflict free or modular. At the same time I just realized that there aren’t many affordable phones with pop up cameras out there… Maybe this is it! Jonas also details the Tiny Phone as a 3.5 inch screen handset, with no rear camera and the same concept as the latest Palm phone.

[via Jonas Daehnert]

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