New Windows Phone 8 Concept: Steaur 1, 2 and 3, by Michaël Retovona

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Michaël Retovona is a designer you’ve seen on our website before and now he’s back with a trilogy of concepts called the Steaur. The Steaur 1, 2 and 3 are all Windows Phone 8 models, each with an unique design. We being with Steaur 1, pictured below and looking pretty hot.

This model somehow reminds me of the iPhone, but also a bit of the Nokia N9. I like its profile and edges of the screen, with a nice elegant touch to them, thanks to that special glossiness. The camera is integrated at the back in a very simplistic way. If I’m getting this right, the handset has a big speaker at the top and another big one at the bottom. Steaur 2 is inspired by the Zune HD and it’s my favourite of them all, I have to say.

This Windows Phone 8 model adopts the color lineup of the Nokia Lumias, but frankly it looks better than the models we’re seeing today. That white stripe is also a nice touch and the inclusion of a dual LED flash is welcome. The design is sporty and youthful and making the phone thin would make it kill the Lumias. Steaur 3 is the mature model, the finished one, the one that would make a kickass Surface Phone by Microsoft. It has a bit of visual identity from ASUS and HTC and it seems to incorporate Beats Audio tech, if I understood the symbol correctly. So, which of these models do you like the most?

[Via Steaur 1 ; Steaur 2; Steaur 3]