Xiaomi RedMi Trace is a Brand New Series of Renders form Mladen Milic

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Usually designers only send us a concept phone or two, but this time we’ve got an entire series of devices to check out and that makes us happy. Designer Mladen Milic has created and entire series of Xiaomi devices, within the RedMi Trace series.

RedMi - Trace Series

All these Xiaomi concept phones are powered by CPUs of different strength and their display size, type, memory and camera varies depending on the model. Two of the phones come with side speakers and the other two have speakers at the back. There are 4.7 inch models here, with quad core CPUs, IPS HD screens and 5 or 8 MP back cameras. They also share 32 GB of storage and 3 GB of RAM and come in black.

RedMi TX1 Trace

Then there are the higher end models, with 5.2 inch Retina HD screens, 13 or 320 MP cameras and 4 GB of RAM. They come in white and look badass. There’s a slight Gionee or Meizu vibe here, but that’s not a bad thing, since it’s a pretty common format nowadays. However, the models with the slight curved model at the back stand out here, through that interesting color pattern.

I also find the integration of the Mi logo original here, as more of a touch of design rather than just… branding. The devices’  names are Xiaomi Redmi TX1 and TX2 and Redmi XR1 and XR2 respectively.

RedMi TX2 Trace

RedMi XR1 Trace

RedMi XR2 Trace

[via designedbyhege]

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